Demo uploaded

Hello! I just uploaded JeweLevel v0.9, that serves as a demo. Of course, this one can be downloaded for free but it is, let's say, restricted.

Then how restricted the demo is, you ask? 

In Adventure, you can  only play first 15 levels (10%). Next levels will be blocked by a translucent sign asking you to buy the full version.  Free-play versions remain unchanged. However, Level Customizer will be always locked in the demo. Even if you cheat!

Also, while making the demo, I got rid of assets that can only be seen/heard in full version, so demo file is 9% smaller than v1.0.3 file.

The full game can still be bought from exactly the same place where it was before with the same price of 1 EUR.


JeweLevel DEMO 162 MB
82 days ago

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